I like to keep things straightforward and emphasise that all conversations are held in the strictest confidence. The process employed is like that used for head-hunting:

  1. I take a comprehensive briefing from the company owner. This, in my opinion, is the foundation of a successful introduction leading to a successful sale or purchase. The questions I ask are designed to uncover the options that suit your personal circumstances. At least thirty minutes is required for this step and it can be done on the phone or in person.
  2. After taking the brief, I will compile a white paper and email it to you to verify my understanding of your goals is correct. This is an opportunity to make amendments if required and it ensures we are all 'on the same page.'
  3. We discuss the form a non-disclosure agreement should take and I send that to you.
  4. I will ask for slots in your diary when you would be available to meet with owners and directors who have been carefully selected as people you could do business with.
  5. Known companies matching my brief will be approached and informed about a company that has engaged me. In addition, each new company owner I approach will be asked, if in principle they would consider buying, selling, or merging.
  6. I will assess; Do they have the appropriate background? Are they willing to consider buying, selling, or merging? Do they possess the essential criteria agreed with you?
  7. You will be informed of Directors who have stated they would like to discuss options with you.
  8. You tell us which companies are appealing to you and the introduction is made. Only when a potential match has been established and discussed and permission given does the full introduction take place.
  9. We arrange preliminary telephone conferences or in person meetings.
  10. The buyer/seller is debriefed.
  11. Any company owners the client does not wish to pursue are professionally released.
  12. Second meetings are arranged and any concerns dealt with.
  13. Sale and purchase price are negotiated and offered, ensuring satisfaction for both parties. NB Accounts and lawyers are often involved at this stage and David Jansons or Focus Point do not offer professional legal or financial advice. Our service is to introduce only.
  14. A company's credit history as listed by Credit Safe UK, can be provided on request.
  15. Our invoice for the introduction is issued, to be settled in 14-days. Personal guarantees from the leaders of limited companies are required at the beginning of the process in most circumstances.
  16. Finally, request that the buyer and seller provide a reference letter or LinkedIn recommendation and agree to be considered a source of reference in the future. All recommendations will be reciprocated.